The Best Womens Satin Pajamas & Sleepwear

Womens satin pajamas are a popular choice for nighttime clothing because of this fabric’s luxurious properties. Satin is silky and smooth to the touch which makes it a comfortable pajama choice. It will caress your skin and help you unwind after a long day. They also make many women feel sexier and more sensual. Womens satin PJs come in every style you could possibly want, in many sizes and for many budgets.

Red Satin Pajamas – Sexy, Romantic, Seductive & Irresistable

You will feel so sexy in these red PJs that you will hardly be able to sleep! Your man won’t want to take his hands off of you. You can find these red pajamas in whatever style to fit your personal taste. Cami set? Check! Button-up set? Check! Chemise? Check! Boxer shorts? Check! We have it all covered! Browse our collection of red satin PJs right away! Every women should own some red silky PJs.
Womens Red Satin Pajamas
Womens Red Satin Cropped Pajamas
Womens Red Satin PJs
Womens Red Satin Chemise

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Black Satin Pajamas – A Classic, Edgy & Timeless Color

Browse our selection of womens black satin PJs. The color black is a safe choice, and a damn-sexy safe choice (think black leather pants, a little black dress or even black yoga pants)! There are many styles available so we guarantee you can find it within this collection. Not only is this collection sexy but mature, but this collection is high quality as well. You will not be disappointed.
Womens Black Satin Nightshirt
Womens Black Satin Pajamas: Cami
Black Womens Satin Pajamas
Chinese Pink Satin Pajamas for Woman

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White Satin Pajamas – Angelic, Pure, Sexy & Elegant

Browse our selection of womens white sleepwear. White is a very angelic and pure color, but also sexy. This looks great on all ages of women, and all body types. White never goes out of style. Find this beautiful nighttime clothing in the style of button up shirts, bottoms, boxer shorts, short sleeve button up shirts, camis or even a chemise. You deserve to look your best and feel beautiful and sexy even when you sleep!
Womens White Satin Pajamas
Womens White Satin Pajamas: Cami
White Womens Satin Pajamas
Chinese Pink Satin Pajamas for Woman

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Pink Satin Pajamas – Feminine, Pretty, Delicate & Romantic

Womens pink satin PJs are for the lady who wants to feel extra feminine. Not that other colors aren’t feminine (they very much are!) but pink is close to the only color your stereotypical man would not wear. You can find pink satin sleepwear as a top and bottom set, as a button up set, as boxer shorts, as chinese-style, as a satin mini chemise or even floral patterned. Browse around and you will find the perfect set for you that will allow you to feel comfortable all night long.
Womens Pink Satin Pajamas
Womens Pink Satin PJs
Pink Womens Satin Pajamas
Chinese Pink Satin Pajamas for Woman

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Blue Satin Pajamas – Fun, Fresh, Unique & Daring

Browse our selection of womens blue pajamas. Satin is a a high-quality fabric and it is said that satin is the fabric of royalty. It has a luxurious feel and look to it and glides smoothly across your skin. Satin is easy to care for and also lightweight. You deserve to feel your best and sexiest all the time, even when you sleep. This specific satin collection is even better because blue is a unique and bold color. Go with a bright blue that screams for attention, or go for a soft and delicate blue. Both you will love. And dare to be different!
Womens Blue Satin Pajamas Nightshirt
Womens Blue Satin Pajamas: Cami
Blue Womens Satin Pajamas
Womens Blue Satin Classic Pajama Set

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Purple Satin Pajamas – Royal, Luxurious & Confident

Purple is the color of royalty, and what is more symbolic of royalty than purple satin? Not much! Feel like a queen all night long in these womens purple satin sleepwear. You will love as this royal and important fabric brushes across you skin as you sleep. Wake up feeling like a princess. These purple satin pajamas will put you in a good mood each and every time you wear them, and they will help you in maximizing your beauty sleep! Shop our collection of womens purple satin sleepwear and you will not be disappointed.
Womens Purple Satin Nightshirt
Womens Purple Satin Pajamas: Cami
Blue Womens Satin Pajamas
Womens Purple Satin Pajama Set

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If you want to brush up on your trivia and get more technical, satin is a fabric formed with a weave of polyester, silk or nylon fibers. Not all satin is silk contrary to some beliefs. If the fabric is weaved using cotton fibers, then the fabric is actually sateen and not satin.

And now have a look at our collection of womens satin sleepwear. Browse around and find a satin pair (or two!) that you will feel sexy, comfortable and luxurious in all night long!

Benefits of Satin Pajamas

  • Fashionable- Satin pajamas never go out of style, and who doesn’t want to be fashionable in their sleep or while they are cuddling?
  • Smooth- Satin is smooth, slippery and feels wonderful on the skin.
  • Dirt-resistant- The slippery nature of this fabric allows it to repel dirt fairly easily.
  • Lightweight- Wearing satin clothing is almost like wearing nothing at all.