Top Styles of Womens Pajamas & Sleepwear

When you are cuddling you want to feel your best to maximize cuddle satisfaction. Here you will find a collection of womens pajamas including footed pajamas, silk pajamas, satin pajamas, flannel pajamas, pajama pants, Christmas pajamas and more. There are PJs for everyone, in every style imaginable. There are even silly pajamas available such as moose pajamas and cupcake pajamas and Christmas sleepwear!

Satin Pajamas

Charmeuse-low-back-babydoll-and-matching-robe-with-attached-beltRED3X4X-0Satin pajamas are a popular style of sleepwear among the ladies an for good reasons. It is shiny, glistening, has the allure of royalty, yet is also highly comfortable. They are a great all-weather pajama and come in many styles, colors and brands. Check out the best satin sleepwear for women.

Footed Pajamas

Big-Feet-Pjs-Hoodie-Footed-Navy-Plush-Pajamas-wDrop-Seat-XS-0Footed pajamas are no longer just for kids, now they are for adults, too! The benefits of womens footed pajamas are endless. In the winter time, there is nothing better than wearing warm clothing and cuddling next to the fireplace. Even in areas where it does not get extremely cold, people often get chilly during the winter. Heaters are one way to keep warm but that can give you a hefty electrical bill. Womens footed pajamas are cheap in comparison and there are other benefits as well.

Footie PJs are great for a number of reasons. They keep the feet warm which keeps the body warm. The materials are typically non-confining so you are free to cuddle how you’d like to. Some come with hoods which can keep you head warm, and others with butt flaps to stay warm while taking care of business.

Silk Pajamas

Alexander-Del-Rossa-Womens-Classic-Satin-Pajama-Set-0-2Womens silk pajamas are an all-around excellent choice of nighttime clothing. They are the perfect all-season pajamas because they are warm in winter, cool in summer, and extremely soft. If you want the perfect material for snuggling then this is it for men and women alike. Even if you start to get a little warm, silk can hold up to one third of its weight in moisture without even feeling damp. There are numerous other benefits to silk as well. Womens silk pajamas come in multiple styles including nightgowns, pants, shirts, button-up shirts, camis, shorts, robes and more. There are also many patterns available.

Silk pajamas are great for many reasons, the first being that they are hypoallergenic. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. Natural occurring substances in the cocoons protect against multiple threats such as mold and fungi. Turning the cocoons into silk is a gentle process that does not strip away these natural substances, so the same benefits are maintained in the final product. Silk is also free of potentially irritating added chemicals unlike other materials, which is great for sensitive skin. This material is also smooth, lightweight, dry, and great for all seasons making them a popular choice among women all over the world.

Pajama Pants

Womens pajama pants are a great all-around clothing item for relaxing. Why? Because they are just downright comfortable. They are great for lounging around the house in, cooking dinner in, or running out to get the mail in. Most importantly, womens pajama pants are fun. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and patterns. If you have a pattern in mind, you can find it on pajama pants. There are patterns for Christmas pajama pants, cupcake pajama pants, animal pajama pants, solid pajama pants, cartoon pajama pants, cute pajama pants and more.

Flannel Pajamas

Womens flannel pajamas can be designed as a two-piece set or just as bottoms. Flannel pajamas are popular because they are extremely warm, however, flannel pajamas are not always the first choice in warmer weather. Womens flannel pajamas can be made in just about any color and any pattern, and it is also said that flannel pajamas become more comfortable the more they are washed and worn.

Benefits of flannel sleepwear:

  • Durable- Womens flannel pajamas are highly durable. They are a thicker fabric than most so they can weather a lot of wear and tear.
  • Warm- Womens flannel pajamas are extremely warm while still allowing the body to breath. Because you will stay warmer you can reduce your heating bill or go without electric blankets
  • Wrinkle-resistant- Of all fabrics, flannel tends to be the most wrinkle-resistant.