Mens Superman Onesies, Footed Pajamas & Sleepwear

Who says superheroes and capes are just for kids? Chance are you are not buying mens superman footed pajamas for yourself (but if we are, kudos to you! That is just awesome!), but if you are buying these for your husband, boyfriend, son, uncle, friend, or whoever else, they will not be let down. Everyone wants to be brought back to their childhood at time and feel that nostalgia. Bring this person back to that time where their biggest dilemma in life was which superhero to play that day with these adult superhero mens pajamas.

Mens Superman Onesie Suit With Cape

This is a Superman polyester onesie for adults and men. The great thing about these pajamas is that while they have a cape, it is completely removable for when you are off superhero duty, or just want to get a non-tangled night’s rest. The feet are detachable as well which can be great for temperature control, or just for those that don’t want to wear socks all of the time. This is one of the most-purchased Superman PJ items on Amazon and has many 5-star reviews.

Superhero Pajamas – Superman Footed PJs

This Superman pajamas are a 100% polyester microfleece top and bottom set. The pajama pants have the Superman logo plastered all over them on a royal blue background, and the top is a nice contrast consisting of a solid white shirt, blue sleeves and the Superman logo. Customers report that the shirt runs small so you may want to think of ordering overall on the bigger size. The pants do have a drawstring so if they run a little bit big, that should be okay. Overall this product has high ratings.

Adult Superhero Pajamas for Men

This Superman sleepwear set is one of the most-purchased Superman clothing items online. It has really high ratings from dozens of customers. This set is 100% cotton, comfortable, and customers state that the pajamas fit well, unlike other Superman pajamas. Some say that these even run on the larger size, but that’s usually a good thing as nobody wants pajamas that are too small! The pants are a royal blue with the superman logo pattern, and the shirt is solid blue with one big logo right on the chest. This will surely make you, your man or even you son feel like a superhero!

Jumpin Jammerz Superman Footed Pajamas

These PJs are less about looking like the actual superman, but they are still fun! They are 100% fleece and feature thumb holes, kangaroo pouch, logo zipper pull and a hoodie. They will make you feel nostalgic for sure.

mens superman footed pajamas

DC Comics Superman Footie Pajamas with Cape

“Up, Up, and Away!” Take over the world and fight all evil with this Superman footie pajama! These are blue with a red cape. The cape and even the footies are detachable… perfect when your feet get warm and you want to be off superhero duty for a while. They are 100% polyester and officially superhero licensed.

DC Comics Superman Mens Fleece Bath Robe

This robe is great for the man that loves to lounge around after he gets out of the shower, or simply loves robes to walk around in! This robe is microfleece which means that it’s really soft… which men love, secretly or not so secretly. This is one-size-fits-all but is flattering on many body types. The robe is a royal blue with a red tie to securely wrap it over the body.

Classic Men’s Superman “S” Logo Blue Satin Robe

This robe is a more romantic (does that word work well in the case of Superman??) sleepwear and bath piece. It is 100% polyester and a beautiful satin that will feel great on a man’s skin. It’s mid-calf length and also has a couple of pockets in the front. This too is one-size-fits-all and has a 4.5 star review on Amazon out of dozens of customer reviews.

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