Mother Daughter Dresses & Matching Outfits

Little girls are the epitome of joy and way too cute. If you’re mom to a little girl then you know just how proud you would be to dress up just like her and how happy she would be to be able to wear clothes just like her mommy. Together you can dress up like each other by wearing some of these amazingly cute mother daughter dresses. Even if you don’t have a little angel of your own, you probably know a mom daughter pair that would love to wear matching mother daughter outfits.

The latest Mother Daughter dresses, outfits and fashions

Unique Baby Mom Daughter Chevon Maxi Dress

A maxi dress like this one is a great option for a couple of lovely ladies that want to match. This dress is available in a variety of simple colors, including black and white and red and white. The long maxi length contrasts well with short, vest style sleeves in this simple cotton blend dress.

Matching Mom and Daughter European Dresses

White European Style Princess Dress

This cute mommy and me outfit is perfect for formal occasions. The frilly white dress has plenty of lace and Organza embroidering that really shows off how elegant the two of you are. This long sleeved dress is great for matching outfits at weddings, baptisms, or a formal tea. This sophisticated outfit is one dress mommy will especially enjoy.

Porcelain Long Sleeved Doll Print Dress

Looking cute and adorable will be easy as mom daughter dress set features a simple, understated doll pattern. This blue and white A-line dress is perfect for a simple autumn day out on the town. The long sleeves and above the knee length make this dress fun and fashionable. The simple, high scoop neck and quality polyester really make this dress fun to wear.

Cartoon Printed A Line Loose Dress

This cute dress is the perfect play outfit for mommy daughter play days. It features a fun cartoon cat that young children will love. You will love how the A line loose waisted style makes you look and feel. You will both love how much they you like each other in these simple, yet refined dresses.

High-end Fashion European Printed Dress Set

This pair of complimentary dresses is elegant and stylish. Look forward to feeling sophisticated in this bright floral print dress. It features a modern, sophisticated look and has half sleeves. Perfect for late spring or early summer this fun, floral dress will make the two of you feel like royalty.

Sunny Floral Mom and Daughter Matching Dresses

Sunny Fashion Floral Dresses

This fun dress features a fun, sunny floral pattern and has a draped, summery style. It is bold and bright, and the scoop neck and sleeveless look are a superb seasonal mommy daughter dress set. It’s perfect for a luau at the beach or for just relaxing on a hot summer day.

Mom and Daughter Matching Bohemian Dress

Wengift Bohemia Dress

Another nostalgic mother daughter fashion is this comfortable and causal dress perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. Available in both natural and red, this drape, summery dress is reminiscent of hippie fashions from the 60’s. Get ready to look cute and feel relaxed and comfortable while they you spending some time at the beach and digging your toes in the sand.

Autumn Family Fitted Doll Jacquard Dress

This fantastic, fashionable jacquard style dress has a Peter Pan style color that you’re sure to love. You will both look simply sophisticated in this understated black and white dress. The black fabric of this sleeveless dress contrasts nicely with the white collar.

Fashion Printed Cartoon Cat Dress

This fun slim waisted dress is a great look for fun and flirty ladies. Little girls will love the bold, printed cartoon cat, and their mothers will love the way the slim cut waist brings out their best features. This above the knee dress is made from high quality polyester and features a casual yet sophisticated scoop neck.

Mom and Daughter Matching Bubble Jacquard dresses

Jacquard Bubble Dresses

These printed jacquard bubble style dresses feature a fun, but simple bold bird print that both of you are sure to love. This A-line dress is fun to wear, and mothers are sure to appreciate how it accentuates their best features.

Printed Cartoon Dresses

The fun, colorful print on this lovely set is sure to attract all kinds of attention. Everyone’s eyes will be on both of you as you wear this loose waisted princess dress. The above the knee cut is fun for the daughter and flattering for the mother. The half sleeve and high neck style make this dress both fun and elegant.

Houndstooth European Style Dresses

Elegant and sophisticated this houndstooth dress is the perfect mommy and me dress for a day of shopping and fun in the big city. You two will love the elegant style and any little girl is sure to love how grown up she looks, just like her mommy does. This long sleeved, light grey dress is made from high quality polyester.

European Sleeveless Yellow Dresses

This fun, bright dress is perfect for some summer fun. Made from high quality woolen cloth this yellow sundress is perfect for a classy and elegant summer day spent with mommy. It’s an outfit mommy won’t be able to get enough of. Just look at it! You girls will love how fun this dress is to wear, and how much they look just like mommy. Trendy ladies will love how fun and colorful this dress is, and how much it brightens their day.

Palazzo Foldover Mommy and Me Pants

These fun, colorful pants feature a 60’s inspired pattern. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so that you and your little lady can choose their favorite matching pair. This pants feature a fold over waist and are perfect for yoga, playtime, or just lounging around the house.

Stripped long sleeve matching mother daughter dresses

Fun and Chic Striped Causal Dress

This long sleeved striped dress is casual and flows. It is perfect for matching while running errands around town. It features long sleeves to keep you both cozy and warm, and is made from a comfortable cotton and polyester blend

Mom and Daughter Matching Maxi Dress Couture Pink and Torquise

Pink & Turquoise Maxi Dress

This fun dress features a fun pink and turquoise stripped pattern. The two of you are going to look super cute and elegant together. Flowing and comfortable but firm and supportive around the chest. Comfortable and fashionable!

Go enjoy your Mother Daughter dress selections!

So there they are. All the latest, most stylish and comfortable dresses you can share with your favorite young lady. We know which ever fit, pattern or style you choose you’ll enjoy dancing, frolicking and whatever you choose to do together. Enjoy!


More Mother Daughter Reading You May Enjoy

We don’t have to ask if you’re addicted to Pinterest. We already know! And we feel your pain. Hah! You’ll of course find some super fun and sassy designs and inspirations for mom and me fashions over on Pinterst. We’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite boards for you to pin your little heart out. Come of for air soon okay? Enjoy!

Matching daughter and mother outfits are gaining more and more in popularity with more chic and sophisticated looks becoming available each year. There are some really top brands that you might enjoy browsing for inspiration as well as follow for the latest designs. Nada Manley shares here favorite mom and daughter brands on here blog.

Famous celebrities went out in matching style

Beyonce and JayZ recently took their baby girl Blue Ivy on a boat ride and together mom and daughter wore matching black and white one piece swim suits. Beyonce wore a captains hat with her outfit, but Blue Ivy didn’t. Read more over at People Magazine

Someone not rare to the fashion world Victoria Beckham, wife of British Soccer Player turned celebrity David Beckham, has recently started partnering with @BornFreeAfrica to design matching mother daughter fashion apparel. She joins other designers such as Gisele Bundchen and designers Diane von Furstenberg in the cause. You can read more fashion news at Glamour.

Other place you can shop till you drop for mommy and me matching outfits

How to size a mommy and me matching dress outfit

Getting the size of one dress right can be difficult. When you’re picking dresses for two that makes it even a tad more difficult. Thankfully many of the designs on the market are available in flowing designs that are pretty forgiving.

We recommend choosing a design that has a looser fit unless you absolutely need a fitted design. This will reduce the potential that one or the other of you will have with fitting.

Next choose a size that’s at worst a little larger than you think you’ll need. This way if you need to make some minor alterations to get the fit right it’s still an option.

The best and latest fashion matching clothing come in standard sizes such as x-small, small, medium and large. If you’re unsure which sizes these should fit then check with the seller for more information. If you shop at they have a super fantastic return policy with no questions asked with prompt returns and replacements. Expect this when you shop with reputable stores.

Events and other fun excuses to dress up with your daughter

Two beautiful ladies in maxi dresses

Not that you even need a reason to dress up with your favorite girl in the world, but here’s a few excuses to have a little fun and make your together time magical and memorable.

It’s her birthday

What better way to spend the special day with your beautiful and precious daughter? Sure you could take her shopping too. Why not spend the day together with the special connection of dressing alike? It’ll make her special day memorable. As you go out people will know something is up and what a fun and unique way to get attention. Then you can tell people who inquire why today is so special which will shower the little misses with a lot of attention she’s sure to love.

You don’t see her very often

Sometimes moms work a lot to help support the family. Other times distance comes from a past relationship not working out. Either way the time you spend with you beautiful young lady should be special and full of magic. Dressing together and making it a fun occasion is a way to strengthen and deepen the bond you two share. A mother daughter fashion day is sure to be a win-win. Share laughs, smiles and dress alike. She’ll love every minute of it and you’ll feel super close together.

She loves fashion

Getting a young miss interested in fashion can be fun and exciting. Showing her that you’re equally interested will help keep her interest. Helping her pick up out a matching outfit that the two of you can share will be fun for both of you and the excitement when it arrives in the mail will be a blast. Trying your dresses on for the first time will be a blast. You can get ready with your favorite shoes, maybe a scarf, earrings and other jewelry. Just getting ready is fun! Then you get to enjoy them as you go about your day.

Accessories to wear with your matching mother daughter clothing

Why stop with just having your outfits? Have fun by adding in more ways you and her and enjoying a moment together. In case you need some imagination and inspiration here are a few more ideas on how you can match!

Shoes, kicks and footwear

Mom and Daughter Matching shoes Do a little searching over on Amazon or even get a little creative and you can enjoy having matching footwear. If it’s summer why not look for some super fun matching flip-flops to enjoy as you go about the sunny days? Or if winter you might want to find a more comfortable shoes that look similar? This could be one more way to make the event fun and memorable.

Purses, handbags and wallets

Mom and Daughter Matching PursesWhat little girl doesn’t love her moms purse? It makes her feel sophisticated and mature. Spend a little time and you can easily find fun purses that you can share together.

Necklaces, earrings and jewelry

You may not want to bring out your very best diamonds for this, but every little girl loves to wear some sparkly jewelry. Look for some inexpensive piecesthat look similar and the two of you will be adorable and irresistible!

Mother Daughter Matching Dress Patterns are easy to find and make

Mom and Me Matching dress designs

Are you super crafty? Looking for a project to do alone or share with your lil miss? Here’s a few patterns and tutorials that can help and inspire you on a design of your own.

Other matching outfits you might enjoy

If it’s night time or sleepy time you’re sharing with your little girl you might want to look at some matching mom and daughter pj’s. They’re super comfy, fun and will surely excited your lil misses.

A new mother? Congratulations! That’s so amazing. Enjoy the connection with your little one by wearing matching mom and baby pj’s. It’ll melt your heart to see those cute little eyes looking up at your in these adorable outfits.

For the whole family there are even entire family matching pajama sets for those so inclined. It very well could make for the funnest family gathering or holiday party you’ve ever had!

And of course for those couples that just love to be cute and flirty, theres matching pajamas for couples. Oh yes, they’re cute. VERY CUTE. Irresistible!

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