Cute, Unique & Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day of the year because it’s en excuse to go above and beyond to show your love how much they mean to you! Really, you should show your love more frequently than once a year, but maybe once a year you can do something extra special for your husband, boyfriend, fiance or lover. Check out this collection of valentine’s day gift ideas for her, gift ideas for him, books and gender-neutal valentine’s day gift baskets.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Find perfect Valentines Day gifts for her. You have a special woman in your life who loves you and treats you well all year long. Show her extra love this Valentine’s Day by doing something romantic for her and making her feel sexy. There are many romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Find the perfect valentine’s day gift for the special lady in your life and she will be swooning over you.

Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set

Set the mood for your Valentine’s Day with scented rose petals and tealight candles. These will create a sexy atmosphere over the dinner table, in the bedroom or even in the bath. These will make her feel extra loved, sexy, and will most likely want to take things to the next level.

Romantic Coupon Book

A fun, romantic valentines day gift for her, for anyone in love. Whether you are just dating or have been married for 50 years, this humorous coupon book will give your lover discounts and freebies that will keep you occupied for months! Contains 22 beautifully illustrated coupons.

Satin Chemise and Thong

Give the special woman in your life lingerie that is soft, sexy and will make her feel beautiful. This chemise has adjustable straps for getting the best fit. Lace trim can make your woman feel extra, extra sexy.

Cute Gift for Her: What I Love About You

This fill-in-the-blank book prompts you to say what is in your heart, but may not always be at the tip of your tongue. Tell the lady in your life just how much she means to you by completing the scores of unique, evocative checklists, short answers, and phrases in this attractive gift book.

Romantic Valentines Day Gift | Heart Wine Stopper

Heart Wine Stopper

This heart-shaped wine stopper would be a great valentine’s day gift idea for her. Pair it with a bottle (or two!) of her favorite wine and you are good to go.

Valentine Lace Panties

This cheeky panties have a polka dot pattern and are laced with trim. They are sure to make your special lady feel sexy and confident.

2-Row Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

This sterling silver freshwater pearl bracelet is a great accent piece for her outfit. It is neutral enough to go with pretty much everything. The pears have more of a cream/ivory look rather than stark white and have a nice weight to them.

Lightweight Heart Infinity Scarf

This scarf is great Valentine’s Day gift for an all-season reminder of love. It is super soft, simple, and a great way for her to add some personality to her outfit.

Heart Shaped iPhone 6 Case

This hybrid design of this cute heart shape case gives her phone dual-layer protection. It also protects her phone from scratches, dust and dirt. A great Valentine’s day gift idea for her!

Womens Hand Knitted Alpaca Wool Gloves

These decorative and soft alpaca wool gloves will keep her hands nice and toasty during the cold weather. They have a special feature to isolate from the cold and also allow her hands to breathe.

Giant Heart Knit Sweater

A knit sweater is the perfect way to cover up when it gets a little chilly. This heart sweater will fit in with this season’s trend of a large sweater with leggings and winter boots.

Cream or Blush Cardigan

This cardigan is sure to keep her cozy during the winter months. It is tunic-length and has a chunky-knit look.

Valentine Lace Panties

This cheeky panties have a polka dot pattern and are laced with trim. They are sure to make your special lady feel sexy and confident.

His, Hers and Ours Coffee Gift Set

He likes it black. She takes cream and sugar. Or maybe it’s the other way around. But they both love coffee. The His, Hers and Ours Coffee Gift Set is a stylish and elegant way to split a bag of coffee between two people.

Set of “His and Hers” Coffee Mugs

Two large, glossy, white quality ceramic mugs perfect for him and her. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Full vibrant color print on front and back of mug. These would make an adorable valentines day gift idea.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Find perfect Valentines Day gifts for him. You have a special man in your life who loves you, treats you well and spoils you all year long. Show him extra love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day by doing something romantic for him and making him feel like a man. There are many romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband or boyfriend in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Find the perfect valentine’s day gift for the special man in your life and he will want to keep you around for a very, very long time.

Cute Gift for Him: Smitten Mittens for Couples

This mitten set contains two mittens and one over-sized mitten for hand holding. Just imagine walking through a snowy park during winter holding your man’s hand, while keeping warm. These are sure to make the two of you feel close.

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts | Silk Pajamas

Men’s Silk Pajamas (The Riviera) 100% Silk Luxury Sleepwear

Make your man feel like a king in these silk pajamas. The material will caress his sexy skin all night long, making him feel relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Beer Sweatshirt with Beer Pouch

Okay, let’s get real. Men don’t like romantic things, they like practical things! Show your man you love him by putting romance aside and getting him a Valentine’s Day gift he will use for months and years to come… a beer sweatshirt with a beer pouch. Now THAT is practical.

Emotion Lotion Edible Warming Massage Oil

Spice up your romance and love life with these edible, warming massage oils. In six delicious flavors, these massage oils are guaranteed to add some variety to your love life and will leave your man smiling for hours.

Grilling Gift Basket

Jim Beam and Jack Daniels have teamed up in this delicious assortment of grillin’ goodness. The delectable sauces and marinades will add zest to any steak or chicken cook out. Even those who don’t drink will love the zesty flavor of Jim’s rich salsa and creamy fudge. This is our absolute best seller!

Mandles (Man Candles) Bacon Candle

A candle in a scent men love to smell- bacon! This candle is 70% soy and has a smokey bacon scent. 30+ hour burn time.

Classic Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Fine polished, with highest quality made of solid, surgical stainless steel setting for the everlasting shine. These cufflinks look absolutely stunning, weighted perfectly and are certainly only for those special occasions. Quality Stays gives a 5 year warranty on these cufflinks.

Whiskey Chilling Rocks (100% Pure Soapstone)

Let your man chill his drink with no dilution. These are stored in the freezer and, preserve the taste of his favorite drink and are ready to use in just hours.

Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue

Real barbecue tastes comes from mastering the art of slow-cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time, using wood smoke to add flavor, and this is the book that will show your man how. This book contains step-by-step instructions on how to choose, set up and modify his own charcoal, gas or electric smoker. This is the valentine’s day gift that keeps on giving.

Touch Screen Gloves / Texting Gloves

Gloves that work brilliantly on smartphones, tablets and more. These gloves have a comfortable fit and an award-winning design.

Mens 100% Silk Boxers

These are durable silk boxers made from 100% silk… a great Valentine’s day gift idea for your special man. They have French seams for ultimate comfort, a discreet single-button fly and an elasticized waist. Multiple colors available.

Credit Card Case for iPhone 6

This case is great when all your man needs is his iPhone and a couple of cards. The built-in side-loading slot holds up to 3 credit cards or folded bills. Custom-designed protection.

Grow Me Hot Stuff Gift Box

This fiery gift box is HOT. It includes everything your man needs to grow his own chili peppers. It is perfect for the man who likes he heat turned up a bit.

100% Silk Black Striped Dress Tie

This stylish looking necktie is well suited for modern business attire as well as the popular “hipster look”. Features multi-colour stripes on a multi-colour background. With a woven texture and material in pure silk, durability is guaranteed.

The Man Can Gift Basket

A best-selling, 100% all-natural skincare gift basket for men. This if ull of manly things such as spicy shave gel and bay rum oil aftershave.

Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband is embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, scissors, and small tools. It provides your man with a third helping hand when he needs it most. Ideal for many woodworking, home improvement, and do-it yourself projects.

Aside from these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him, maybe you can think of something romantic you can do for him outside of traditional gift giving. Maybe you can plan a sexy getaway? Maybe you can have a romantic evening on the town, or a romantic evening at home? Get creative and good luck!

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Looking for Valentines Day Gift Baskets for your honey? Gift baskets are a great gift because you can pack them full of things that special person will love. Why get someone one Valentines Day gift when you can get them maybe ten mini gifts in one? Valentines Day gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Browse the selection below to find the perfect one for that special person in your life.

Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea consists of a decadent snack gift basket of caramel, chocolate and crunchy gourmet treats. Two buttery and crisp caramel corns, traditional and chocolate drizzled, plus rich peanut brittle. There are chocolate covered pretzels and white chocolate caramel drizzled pretzels.

Valentine’s Sweetheart Gift Basket: Sensual Couples Massage

This special gift basket consists of two massage DVDs, a relaxation CD, a bottle of scented massage oil, floating votive candles and a pack of “special” romance coupons. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for couples who just want to have fun.

Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits

Need a Valentine’s Day gift idea that has to do with alcohol? Who doesn’t like a little liquid pick-me-up now and then! These liqueurs in dark chocolate bottles are sure to make your honey happy.

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Photo Gift Box

This gift box includes: chocolate covered nuts, an assortment of Ghirardelli truffle squares, and an assortment of Bavarian drizzled pretzels in dark and white chocolate. It comes in a photo-covered box that you can customize however you wish!

Wine Country Gift Baskets Italian Collection

This Italian inspired gift basket is a unique way to send your love on Valentine’s Day. Your recipient will feast on Bella Campagna rigatoni pasta, Italian cookies, mozzarella cheese swirls, almond cookies, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and Grapevine Trading Company bistro style whole olives.

Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Beef Jerky 6-Pack Gift Cooler

We’ve all heard it… the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love Valentine’s Day gifts that have anything to do with food. This gift basket contains jerky in the flavors of BBQ, Chipotle, Hickory Pepper, Mesquite, Mild, Spicy, Teriyaki, Cajun, Black Pepper, Sweet n’ Spicy and Teriyaki.

Sexy and Romantic Gift Basket for Couples

This daring gift is sure to light the night on fire! These Valentine’s Day gift baskets are only for the daring. Click on the picture, if you dare, to read more.

Great Books to Give on Valentine’s Day

Snuggie Sutra

The Snuggie is a pop culture icon that quickly developed its own cult of awareness. Few of us were asking for a blanket with sleeves, but that’s because we’d forgotten how to dream. Once we’d purchased our Snuggies, we quickly realized our world had changed for the better. Now, we want to show you just what makes the Snuggie cozy and sexy. Brilliantly illustrated with drawings of couples in flagrante delicto, our comprehensive guide includes—in ascending order of difficulty—everything from “The Warm and Snuggie” (for beginners) to “The Yes Ma’am” (perfect for hiding your flaws—not that you have any, of course!) to “The Night In” (which works great when you’re staying home to page through The Snuggie Sutra).

The Cuddle Sutra: An Unabashed Celebration of the Ultimate Intimacy

Cuddling is more intimate than a candlelit dinner, more than a joint tax return and yes, even more than sex. With the simple act of an embrace, two people can be joined together in such an intense bond that words no longer serve a purpose. The cuddle says it all. The Cuddle Sutra is an all-encompassing resource for the act of cuddling, filled with detailed descriptions and illustrations of all the ways to express affection, whether you’re in the privacy of your own bedroom or walking down Main Street.

The Art of Spooning: A Cuddler’s Handbook

This is the ideal handbook for those who have forgotten how to spoon or who want to move on to advanced spooning techniques. Included is a quiz to check your spooning potential and address some of the most problematic issues of spooning.

The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy, and Love

When you make love, cuddle with a partner, or have coffee with close friends, a powerful brain chemical called oxytocin floods your body with feelings of contentment and trust. This natural “love drug,” produced by the hypothalamus, is responsible for human bonding in both platonic and intimate relationships, and is the key to many of the psychological differences between men and women. In The Chemistry of Connection, you’ll learn easy ways to increase your natural supply of oxytocin to establish deeper connections with family, friends, and romantic partners.

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